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Anti vibration Dimple Bars

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Anti vibration Dimple Bars
Type Size/Dia Ordering Code Grade Brand Price Offer Price  
Dimple Bar Dia 8mm LH D0810K-SCLCL06 N/A HAGG 1800 ₹1440
Dimple Bar Dia 10mm LH D1012K-SCLCL-06 N/A HAGG 1800 ₹1764
Dimple Bar Dia 12mm LH D1214M-SCLCL06 N/A HAGG 2250 ₹1800
Dimple Bar Dia 12mm LH D1214M-SCLCL09 N/A HAGG 2250 ₹1800
Dimple Bar Dia 16mm LH D1618P-SCLCL09 N/A HAGG 2350 ₹1880
Dimple Bar TPMT Dia 16mm LH D1618P-STUPL-1103 N/A HAGG 2650 ₹2120
Dimple Bar Dia 20mm LH D2022Q-SCLCL09 N/A HAGG 2650 ₹2120
Product Details
Dimple Bars are made up of High Density steel and special dimple is designed for the easy evacuation of the chips from the bore.
Developed By:
Arash Info Corporation
Contact: 09814790299

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