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CARTRIDGES (For Rough Boring)

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CARTRIDGES (For Rough Boring)
Type Size/Dia Ordering Code Grade Brand Price Offer Price  
Straight Boring Min. Bore 20 STFCR08CA09 Rough Boring Q-TECH 1,300 ₹1,040
Straight Boring Min. Bore 22 STFCR10CA11 Rough Boring Q-TECH 1,400 ₹1,120
Straight Boring Min. Bore 30 STFCR12CA11 Rough Boring Q-TECH 1,520 ₹1,216
Straight Boring Min. Bore 38 STFCR16CA16 Rough Boring Q-TECH 1,750 ₹1,383
Chamfering 45 deg On min bore 22mm STWCR08CA09 Rough Boring Q-TECH 1,300 ₹1,040
Chamfering 45 deg On min bore 32mm STWCR10CA11 Rough Boring Q-TECH 1,400 ₹1,120
Product Details
With these cartridges we can manufacture special tailor made rough boring tools, Counter Boring tools, Combination tools, Combination tools etc. Because of its versatility we can manufacture the versatile tools.
Developed By:
Arash Info Corporation
Contact: 09814790299

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