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CCMT (80 degree)

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CCMT (80 degree)
Type Size/Dia Ordering Code Grade Brand Price Offer Price  
Carbide Insert For Steel CCMT060204-PM 9025 MOXIE 170 ₹136
COATED CERMET For Mild Steel CCMT060204-PF GT720 MOXIE 388 ₹194
Carbide Insert R0.8 For Steel CCMT060208-PM 9225 MOXIE 210 ₹138
Carbide Insert R0.8 For SS CCMT060208-PM 3030 MOXIE 436 ₹152
Carbide Insert R0.4, For Steel CCMT09T304-PM 9225 MOXIE 260 ₹161
Carbide Insert R0.4, For SS CCMT09T304-PM 3030 MOXIE 290 ₹188
Carbide Insert R0.8 For Steel CCMT09T308-PM 9225 MOXIE 533 ₹161
Carbide Insert R0.8 For SS CCMT09T308-PSF 3030 MOXIE 533 ₹186
Product Details
CCMT inserts are positive inserts with clearance angle 7 degree. Commonly used for Boring and fine boring applications. Different sizes, nose radii and grades available to machine different materials. Available in Sizes CCMT06, CCMT09 and CCMT12.
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