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Round Milling Inserts

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Round Milling Inserts
Type Size/Dia Ordering Code Grade Brand Price Offer Price  
Round Insert Special Price RPMT08T2MO AH720 MOXIE 280 ₹50
Round R5 Special Price RPMTT10T3MO AH730 MOXIE 300 ₹60
Round R6 special Price RPMT1204MO AH720 MOXIE 340 ₹98
Round Flat Top Carbide R4 RDKW0803MO AH730 MOXIE 150 ₹113
Round Flat Top Carbide R5 RDKW10T3MO AH730 MOXIE 170 ₹128
Round Flat Top Carbide R6 RDKW1204MO 3030 MOXIE 220 ₹176
Round Flat Top Carbide R6 RPMW1204MO AH720 MOXIE 410 ₹308
Product Details
Round Milling inserts are used for Die and Mold applications. The edges of these inserts are very strong because of its design. one can get maximum number of edges by indexing it accurately.
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