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U Drill Inserts

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U Drill Inserts
Type Size/Dia Ordering Code Grade Brand Price Offer Price  
Sq. Inserts Dia 13-15.5mm SPMT050203 AH720 MOXIE 450 ₹360
Sq. Inserts Dia 13-15.5mm SPMG050204 KLP145 1250 MOXIE 530 ₹265
Sq. Inserts Dia 16-21.5mm SPMT060204 AH720 MOXIE 470 ₹376
Sq. Inserts Dia 16-21.5mm SPMG060204 KLP145 1250 MOXIE 550 ₹286
Sq. Inserts Dia 22-27.5mm SPMT070208 AH720 MOXIE 480 ₹384
Sq. Inserts Dia 22-27.5mm SPMG07T308 KLP145 1250 MOXIE 600 ₹432
Sq. Inserts Dia 28-33mm SPGT090408 AH720 MOXIE 640 ₹512
Sq. Inserts Dia 28-33mm SPMG090408 KLP145 1250 MOXIE 750 ₹450
Sq. Inserts Dia 34-42mm SPMG110408 KLP1250 MOXIE 800 ₹488
Product Details
Inserts for U Drill are available in different grades and geometries for machining of different materials.
Developed By:
Arash Info Corporation
Contact: 09814790299

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